Vegetable Seeds for 2019

Having spent a few cosy winter evenings tucked up in bed with a cup of hot cocoa and a pile of seed catalogues I have finally honed the list of vegetable tubers and seeds which I will be buying this year down to a reasonable and manageable number. I hope the selection which I list below will help to inspire you for your vegetable gardens of 2019.


First Early Potatoes

This year I’ve selected the cultivar “Pentland Javelin” for my first early crop of potatoes – I’m going to chit them as soon as possible with a mind for planting out in a fleece protected raised bed towards the end of February with a mind to harvest them in May to free up the bed for summer crops.

Maincrop Potatoes

Having had fantastic success with Sarpo Mira in the past I’ve decide to return to this classic pest and blight resistant cultivar for my maincrop potatoes which will leaving me looking forward to a large tasty crop of home grown spuds for the winter months.


Last year I tried “Ophelia” mini patio aubergines – even though the packet siad they could be grown outdoors on a sheltered UK patio, I found I had limited success with only one or two fruits per plant. This year I’m going to try a classic semi tropical aubergine to be grown only in my greenhouse – I’ve opted for fifty seeds of the Black Beauty cultivar 


Having had great success with courgette “defender” F1 Hybrid with an abundant crop lasting from June until September last year. I opted to go for this wonderfully flavoursome variety again this year.


Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of baby plum tomatoes – the problem is when buying these fruits in the supermarket they have a price tag to match! This year I’ve decided to attempt to grow my own in the greenhouse – I’ve selected Tropical Ruby F1 Hybrid seeds


I’ve opted for the “Mini Munch F1 Hybrid” which come recommend by the Royal Horticultural Society. Marshall Seeds claim that it can produce up to twenty fruits per week and the cucumbers can be harvested at “lunch box” size or left to grow longer for slicing – I hope it will live up to expectations as they are quite expensive at £3.99 for just five seeds!

Now the orders have gone out I’ve got to get down to cleaning and preparing my seed germinating equipment.

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